Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

God provides in neat ways!!!

On Sat,I hit a jackpot yardsale! I went to a (scrapbook hoarder's) house.Her whole garage was consumed w/all kinds of scrapbook/card/craft things.She told me I could go thru her garage (so she didn't have to) and whatever I found I take and fill my van for 30.00! And I did just that.This pic is only (some)of the things I bought! I got tons of bags,even thirty one! Creative memories markers,paper organizer,cutting system.Got a cuttlebug,sixxix machine,tons of stickers,papers,flowers,embellishments,circut
cartidges,containers,a huge bag of lace and more and more! I'm so thankful to God who provided me these things.I plan to give some items to friends and Church for events to give back!!! God provides all our needs and our desires and wants too!!!!

3 boys in 3 differnt schools!!!

Today is the first day of school!! The boys got up early,and were actually happy about that and were excited to put on their new shoes,and new outfits.We did our morning rituals and out the door we went! We dropped off Tyler at the bus stop for middle school,then Andrew at 1st grade and Peter at Kindergarten!! Where has the summer gone or the time for that matter!!! It is quiet in the house now and I must say that I'll miss my boys and the flurry of activity they provide! =)
I shed a tear and a prayer for all of them as they each all go on their own ways.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Put those bad boys to work!!!

Today was one of those days perfect to open your windows and air out the house! And I did,just that!
The boys seemed bored and were fighting so I told them they had to clean! We tore apart the couch(and I mean tore apart)! We vacumed each cushion,every nook and cranny and found all sorts of treasures from food to money to lost toys!! Now to all you out there wondering why I never did this before......I do! But,with 7 kids in my house daily it looks like Its been 7 years!! The boys enjoyed it helping and did a great job! So now,when the boys are bad and fight,they will do a cleaning project =)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Getting started!

Beware bloggers,I'm finally getting my post up and trying to figure this out since its all new to me!

Its a beautiful day today and took all the kids to the park for a picnic lunch.They had so much fun and are so tired now I can actually have a min,for myself to do my blog!!=)