Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Put those bad boys to work!!!

Today was one of those days perfect to open your windows and air out the house! And I did,just that!
The boys seemed bored and were fighting so I told them they had to clean! We tore apart the couch(and I mean tore apart)! We vacumed each cushion,every nook and cranny and found all sorts of treasures from food to money to lost toys!! Now to all you out there wondering why I never did this before......I do! But,with 7 kids in my house daily it looks like Its been 7 years!! The boys enjoyed it helping and did a great job! So now,when the boys are bad and fight,they will do a cleaning project =)


Lori said...

Hey, that is a great idea! Either they won't fight so much or you will raise some great future husbands....win either way! Love you all!

The Cutts Clan said...

That is great to get the boys working early. It is something they will be doing for the rest of their lives. And it will do them more good then harm-they need something to keep them busy. :)